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The Place and Charge – Better Living Through Technology

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Technology has opened new gateways and channels for us since the beginning of time. With technology, we do not always mean progress in I.T and digitized equipment that have revolutionized a breakthrough in all sorts of markets for us since the late 90s, but with the word “technology” we mean all the innovations and advancements that guided man from the simple creation of a wheel to even the complex steam engine. Technology without any doubt encompasses the real meaning of ‘progress and advancements’ in this day and age, catering and facilitating to different demands of popular change and better living created through technology. We saw the rise of the Internet and the mobile phone all the way through the 1990s; at first, this new age phenomenon disrupted the tradition of conventional and traditional markets, however now the effects of their benefits and advantages can be traced in almost every sphere of our lives.

New products have the ability to transform and change markets, but when these disruptive innovations encourage continuity and growth they create change in a positive light. Disruptive technologies at first have now gradually eloped their way into the becoming of luxury and comfort technologies for us. Without a doubt, technology over the years has influenced the better standards of our living and made everyday life easier, faster, and better for all of us.

We at SXE Electronics bring you the future of technology now at your doorstep. Our featured innovations of all sorts stay committed to bringing the latest technological advances into your home. Our new products fit what you already habitually do on an everyday basis, but with specific subtle improvements help you lead a much happier and healthier, and more customized and personal life. With our new innovation, “Place and Charge” – Wireless Charging for Smartphones, we have finally found a way to address all your Smartphone charging complains. The “Place and Charge” – Wireless Charging for Smartphones allows you to place your phone on the night table and charge while you peacefully revel in the comfort of your sleep. The “Place and Charge” eliminates the need for excessive wiring and attempts to revolutionize the new way to charge your smartphone.

Our “Place and Charge” introduces to our customers the multiplicity and an all-in-one package of the following features:

  • Wireless Charging for Smartphones and Tablets
  • USB Charging port
  • Bluetooth connectivity & Streaming of Music Wirelessly
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Indoor Temperature Display
  • Alarm with Snooze
  • AUX Line in

All these newly developed user-friendly features of the “Place and Charge” set the future direction of our other products, and provide us with the motivation to widen our product variety and base for popular customer demand. Help us at SXE Electronics welcome the future within your homes. Our product catalog offers you a unique and personal variety of everyday products that will surprise you and amaze you just like the new “Place and Charge” with Bluetooth Connectivity and Speakers.

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